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Tattoo Ryan Karagory

Tattoo Ryan Karagory

 Ryan Karagory has been Professionally Tattooing for 15 years. He has been Taught by some oft the best and self  taught in many mediums and held a brief Apprenticeship under Tattoo Machine Builder and acclaimed Master Tattoo Artist, Adam Cifferi and the "Dickhead" Tim GoodRich while he was with Odyssey Tattoo Gallery on the Island of Oahu. This after working next to Kevin Read, one of the newest Owner's of  Aloha Tattoo in Waikiki in Hawaii from Legend Larry Hanks. Known formerly as Liberty Tattoo. 

      Upon finishing the completion of his Tattoo Apprenticeship, Ryan ventured out and opened his own Tattoo Shop on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii on the Islands West Coast of the beautiful country locsl style small town of Waianae. Paradise Ink Tattoo Company was very successful and he built a large clientele base with emphasis on the local people as well as a large following of military personnel. The shop was also featured in Ink Magazine and is plastered all over the web. 

He has gotten so much positive feedback, all you have to do is GOOGLE his name Ryan Karagory or Tattoo Ryan and he'll be found. He is Always dedicated and striving to accomplish new styles of art and future of Tattooing. He works in many Styles of Tattooing from  Black and Grey, American Traditional, Portraits, Bold color, and Realism. Talk with him and he can work out the prefect tattoo.

 He hit the road and landed on the Mainland's West Coast in a Little town called Las Vegas. There he worked the Vegas Tattoo scene and networked with great Tattooers. Ended up Owning and the Resident Artist at HellBoy's Tattoo 702 along with Edward Frayna and new upcoming artist Britt Rucci. Moved on to also be apart of the MasterMind Tattoo Crew off the Las Vegas Strip. Then moved more up North to the Southern FootLoose State of Utah. He is now Owner and a Resident Artist at  Southern Utah's #1 Private Tattoo Studio. 

Paradise City Tattoo Studio in St. George, Utah is the #1 Private Tattoo Studio for Hawaiis own Ryan Karagory. The studio is set in a Island style small town of Southern Utah with alongside Top National State Parks, lakes and recreational activities. Tattoo Ryan Karagory is accepting appointments we can suit your needs in all Styles of Custom Tattooing.

  He is also traveling throughout the year working Guest Spots at Tattoo Studios all over the United States and Europe and working with Art Studios thruout the Local area. Add Online Social Media Profiles to keep up and make sure to Check the web-pages on what the Studio and Crew is up to and Travel dates for Tattoo Ryan Karagory. If you have a Tattoo  Convention coming to a town near you and want to get Tattooed by Ryan Karagory. Plz send a quick Email and we will contact you ASAP with the Info.

 He served in the U.S. Army's 101st Airborne Infantry Division at Fort Campbell, Ky. Earned with Honors as an Airborne Paratrooper and Air Assault Rappel from one of the most Prestigious Military Units in the world. He enjoys working with people, helping others, and Autism Programs country wide. ALso being a part of the community working with Gangs and Violance within the communitys.

Contact the Studio through TExt or Social MEdia ways, (Serious Inquiries).  calls are ok, but (Good LUck :)  WE will take care of all your CustomTattoo Art, Design, Custom Paintings, and Piercing Needs.  Artwork and Prints are Available at the Studio and commission Art Is Always Welcomed. Text Message or Email for info. Mahalo & ALoha from Tattoo Ryan & DA Crew of Paradise City Tattoo Studio...

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Address:   630 North 3050 East Suite C-1

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